Student Workers: The Future Of Our Generation?

Have Schools Changed to Accommodate Student Workers?


Graphic created by Mia Cagle

Out of the 65 students in my survey, these are the results. Showing that a majority of students that have jobs do because they NEED to not because that generally want to.

Mia Cagle, Staff Reporter

I would roughly say that about ⅓ of the Alma High School students, (old enough to work) have or have had a job in their high school experience, and everyone has an opinion on the subject.

Whether it’s to pay for your personal/family needs, have extra spending money when their parents won’t fork over more cash, or just for some experience before truly experiencing adulthood – everyone has their own story and they want it heard. 

Many students, worldwide, have to deal with the struggles of balancing hours of school work, homework, a social life and a job while still trying to stay sane. I can tell you from personal experience that there is never enough hours in the day to do everything!

When it gets to the point of picking and choosing, I, just like most, would choose sleep over homework. Students grades are based on your amount of free time after school hours to do more school work instead of their abilities to do things that truly matter after high school like work 40 hours a week, pay bills and take care of yourself and others. 

Some teachers have come to the realization that some genuinely good students may need more time or are incapable of doing outside work and have maneuvered the schedules and class work to properly teach these students who have to work. But many teachers have yet to get with the times.

*This is the opinion of staff writer, Mia Cagle. Staff writers are encouraged to research a subject and form their opinion based on facts from reputable sources.