Food 4 Friends Movement Continues

Organizations Participate in their Third Year of Providing Food for the Holidays


Stella Ton

Pile up. Collected food cans for Food 4 Friends await packaging. Cans and boxes are heaped up on the tables and are going to be put into a box with all kinds of different cans, then will be sent to Airedale students in need. Those boxes (on the left of the picture) are going to community centers and outdoor food pantries. “Food 4 Friends is a need,” said to Mr. Jerry Kelley, who has been running Food 4 Friends for three years.

Stella Ton, Staff Reporter

At Alma High School, Food 4 Friends, an organization run by Jerry Don Kelley, is launching a movement to collect food cans for Airedale families in need.

This is the third year, Food 4 Friends has been activated; it was founded by a group of students that graduated last year with support from Kelley, a science teacher at AHS. The past two years, it was known as a club. However, Kelley said he kept it going because of demand.

“This year I kind of still keep it going because it’s a need,” Kelley said.

During second nine weeks, teachers offer students bonus points to bring an amount of cans. Food cans will be combined and selected at Room 105, then sent to students and families needed during Thanksgiving Break and Christmas Break.

Sophomore Henry Dray said, “Food 4 Friends is a great idea, it creates a symbolic relationship.”

Drama Club, TSA, and Student Council are just some of the clubs that have adopted Food 4 Friends as their event. Specifically, at Halloween, the drama club Trick-or-Treated for cans instead of candy to support Food 4 Friends.

Recently, Food 4 Friends has already given away a box with all kinds of food cans to 35 families. And extra cans will go to outdoor food pantries, or the community center so that they deliver to whoever may need them.