Dance Team Makes Good Showing at State

Team Now Setting Sights on National Competition


Hannah Reese, AHS Yearbook staff

Shake that thing! Dance team performs their hip-hop routine at the state competition. Their performance made them the hip-hop state champion. “They did their best version I’ve ever seen of all four of their routines that day so I have never seen their routines better than they were at state and so to be able to walk off the floor and know that was the best they could have done was a huge accomplishment,” said Coach Brewer.

Chaarlee Hickman, Staff Reporter

Alma High School Dance team competed in the State Dance competition last Saturday, November 9th at Lake Hamilton High School.

The dance team competed in four different divisions jazz, kick, pop, and hip-hop; overall they won 2nd place. Individually the Dance team got 4th in jazz, 3rd in kick, 2nd in pop, and 1st in hip hop. Because of a change in school policy, the team can go to Nationals. 

The dance kids practiced from May until the competition. They practiced 20 hours a week in the summer ⎯except the two state mandated dead weeks⎯ and 13-14 hours a week during school.

“We’ve spent many hours, many morning practices at six (o’clock) in the morning and staying at school until after dark and not seeing the light of day at all for many days but it was definitely worth it.” says Grace Fuell, senior and captain of the dance team. 

This dance competition was different than other competitions because there was a spirit bus which was open to students who wanted to support the dance team. Students could pay $10 to ride on the bus to the competition.

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The students who came on the spirit bus and those who drove down separately they made a massive difference to the competition … ”

— Brooke Brewer, AHS dance coach

“We had a completely full spirit bus where we were actually having to turn kids away which is a problem, but a great problem to have. The students who came on the spirit bus and those who drove down separately they made a massive difference to the competition they were chanting and cheering along with our family anytime we were to take the floor they were up and cheering multiple coaches from other teams commented me that they didn’t understand how we had fans this excited about dance. They really showcased school spirit,” says Coach Brooke Brewer, the dance team coach. 

There will definitely more times to see the winning routines from the competition at the basketball games.