New Program Nets New Teacher

Agriculture Teacher Looks To Grow a New Program


Laken Brumley, AHS agriculture teacher

Chaarlee Hickman, Staff Writer


Do you have prior teacher experience?/Have you had another career?


“No, I graduated college in May and this would be my first teaching job other than my student teaching internship while I was in college.”

How does teaching at Alma compare to other teaching jobs if any?



“Since I don’t have much experience I’ll compare it to my student teaching experience. Teaching at Alma, although it is a fairly good sized school the feel is a lot different. It feels like everyone kinda knows each other and just the atmosphere or the family type atmosphere is what I think is the most different from my student teaching experience and that’s what I enjoy about Alma the feel and the family type connection.”


What do you plan to accomplish at Alma high school?


“I am starting the new ag program so starting that is a huge task in itself but my goal at AHS with the ag program is to build that up and be able to really become a competitive but well rounded program so that includes public speaking, contests that have to do with industry related, industry related events that includes livestock exhibition, and just being able to give students those opportunities or array of opportunities and then be able to push them to do those things and give them potential to grow and recognize a possible career path with in the agricultural industry.” 


Which grade/subject do you teach? What grade do you like teaching to the best and why? 


“I teach at the high school 9th through 12th  but I also teach in the afternoons at the middle school 7th through 8th and then I teach agriculture across the board and then also I teach one class of JAG, Jobs for America’s Graduates. All of my classes are combined 9-12, so its hard to choose (a favorite grade) because they are all clumped together, but I think the students who are starting the program, that have a couple years left that they can continue in the program. I like teaching everyone but I like teaching them because I know there’s still opportunities beyond this year that they can grow in the program.”


How have you enjoyed your first year in AHS so far?


“Yes I have. I really like Alma and I enjoy all of my students. The faculty here has been awesome, my coworkers are great and I always joke that I’ll never, as long as I am not forced to leave, I’ll never leave because I do love it here.”


What do you do when you’re not teaching?


“I either go home in Oklahoma and help my dad on the farm with his small cow-calf operation or I hang out with my husband and two dogs and go hiking or camping and out-doorsy things like that.”


What, if any, difficulties do you have teaching in AHS?


“The difficulty I have had so far is finding a way to, since ag is such a broad spectrum and we’re in introduction classes we cover a bunch of different things and so some students have an interest in some areas and not others that we cover, so it is finding a way to make all the areas that we talk about within the class interesting to everyone in some sort of way.”


What are 3 words to describe your experience at Alma High School?


“Positive, memorable, and a growing experience”


What are you looking forward to the most this school year? 


“The thing I am looking forward to most is being able to take students to contests in the spring and being able to teach them those different contests on what they are supposed to do and then taking them and hopefully watching them have success which I know they will.”

The best moment of my day is standing out in the hall and greeting my students as they walk in”

— Laken Brumley, AHS agriculture teacher


What’s the best moment of your day?


“The best moment of my day is standing out in the hall and greeting my students as they walk in, they all have funny jokes or stuff they like to say so being able to greet them and hear what happened yesterday that they want to tell me or whatever it may be.”