Teacher Tackles Math and Science

Enjoys seeing students “suddenly get it”


Mia Cagle

Kacie Woodmanse, math and science teacher

Mia Cagle, Staff Writer


Do you have prior teacher experience?

“Yes, I taught for three years in Kentucky and this is my second year here at Alma.”

How does teaching at Alma compare to other teaching jobs if any?

“Well in Kentucky, it was an intercity,more urban schools. So populations were a little different but in general, a lot of it was really similar. In terms of how students see math and how they don’t like math. But we just dealt with more gang issues and stuff like that there then obviously we do here. But in general it was very similar, Kentucky has different standards then Arkansas does in terms of testing and that kinda thing so preparing for that was a little bit different. But in a lot of ways it’s very similar.”





I’m hoping to change some minds about math, just help them see that if they struggle with math that they can still do the work, they can still learn and grow”

— Kacie Woodmanse, math and science teacher

What do you plan to accomplish at Alma high school?

“I want students to see how math can be applied, so not just math for math sake but to really see where they might use it later on down the road and to have an appreciation not just for the math but for the skills they developed as their doing the math like problem solving and justifying their answer.”



Which grade/subject do you teach? / (if they teach more than one grade) What grade do you like teaching to the best and why? 

“Well I teach 9th grade Algebra 1, 11th grade Algebra 2, and Physics mostly seniors. I like teaching all grades, I think I like juniors a lot because their pretty motivated because that’s an important year in terms of colleges and that kinda thing. I like freshman because there pretty fun. Seniors are fun to but there ready to be out, they have other challenges in terms of that senioritis.  Each one has their pros and cons I think.”



How have you enjoyed your few years in AHS so far?

“It’s been good, I spent a couple years not teaching so getting back into teaching was a bit of a challenge, but I like people that I work with. The students, for the most part, are on top of things. So its been difficult just getting back into teaching but I’ve enjoyed it a lot.”



What do you do when you’re not teaching?

“I have 3 small kids, so taking care of them is taking up most of my time and then I just enjoy reading a lot.”



What, if any, difficulties do you have teaching in AHS?

“I don’t think it’s Alma specific, I don’t think theirs difficulties from teaching at Alma. It’s hard, I live in Fort Smith the drive, is not bad, but it’s hard being father away from my kids. Nothings teaching specific to Alma, just very time consuming, just takings up a lot of time with grading and planning. But they have a bunch of extra things for us like intervention giving CFA’s which are all good things, just takes up a lot of time.”



What are 3 words to describe your experience at Alma High School?

“Challenging, Rewarding, and Fun, I have fun.”



What are you looking forward to the most this school year? 

“I’m hoping to change some minds about math, just help them see that if they struggle with math that they can still do the work, they can still learn and grow. So I think that’s what I’m looking forward to this year, just seeing students get better at math but also more confident in math.”



What’s the best moment of your day?

“I think it’s those moments when students that really struggle suddenly get it. When their having a hard time and they have to work a little bit harder and they get it and their excited and I’m excited for them.”