Athletes Return

Volleyball Team First to Use Charles B. Dyer Arena


Chaarlee Hickman

No water. The brand new arena floor after it has been replaced. Over the summer the arena floor was flooded and the high school girl’s volleyball hasn’t been able to play in there all season. London Blackwell, Senior on the Varsity volleyball team says, “Playing in Crabtree was definitely a fun experience and I’ll miss the charged atmosphere it had, but there’s just something about the arena that puts the game on a whole new level.”

Chaarlee Hickman, Staff Writer

Girls volleyball played their first game on Thursday, October 10th in Charles B. Dyer Arena; athletes had not been able to use the arena before then because it was flooded over the summer. 

“I wasn’t sure how the girls would respond to playing in the Crabtree Gymnasium since it is not our ‘home’ court, but they had a great attitude about it. It ended up being a lot of fun in the smaller gym. The fans were super loud and the atmosphere was fun! Although it has been good playing in Crabtree we are really excited to get back into our Arena on Thursday,” said Kathy Jones, varsity volleyball coach. 

The Volleyball team lost to Little Rock Christian Academy 16-25, 15-25, 16-25. 

On July 5th, the city paid a contractor to change the water meter from analog to digital meter in the arena which is the main water feed for most of the building, according to Brian Kirkendoll, Alma High School Principal. When the contractor changed the meter he didn’t tighten it correctly. 

“(On) July 7th there (were) even a couple of people in the arena earlier in the afternoon and everything was fine. That was the end of a dead week so Coach (Codey) Mann came in that afternoon to start getting some plans together for practice the next day and his son CJ called him … ‘there’s water everywhere, there’s water everywhere’ and that’s when they realized there was a water leak,” said Kirkendoll 

“Service Master is a disaster relief recovery company that come in and cleaned all the water up, took all the wet ceiling tiles, all the carpet … got rid of all that stuff,” Kirkendoll said. Another company came to tear the floor out, brought in dehydrators and dehumidifiers to take all the moisture out of air down there, and sealed everything up got everything so you wouldn’t have mold or fungus. 

“We started itemizing list of things we needed to replace, started ordering replacements, and got a hold of this company to get the floor replaced. All the classrooms down there have new carpet in them new ceiling tiles new shelves band got some instruments new arena floor which took about 10 weeks. The good part is that it was pure clean water.” said Kirkendoll

High school students will not use the arena floor between classes; they have been using the stairwell since school started and it has worked out fine so they will continue to do that to keep the floor in good shape says, Kirkendoll. 

Setbacks from the arena floor have been with volleyball and basketball practice, because the coaches schedule practices so the high school volleyball team hasn’t played in there all year. They’ve been playing in Crabtree, according to Kirkendoll.