Flu Prevention In Action

Alma High School Provides Preventative Measures

Mia Cagle, Staff Writer

Alma High School recently offered a flu vaccine to those who desired to take the shot.

“The flu is an epidemic, that’s why I get my shot,” said senior Adrian Vardaman, who got his free, school provided, flu shot on October 14th. The flu is a serious disease; it can be caught by someone simply talking (sneezing and/or coughing as well) around you. 

This year at Alma High School the plan of attack is to get ahead of the problem.

The school did not offer the Intranasal Influenza Vaccine (nasal spray) due to its live virus, which basically means that many people who opt to get the mist may still end up getting the virus.

Instead they only provided the Inactivated Influenza Vaccine (shot) free of charge to students.

The Arkansas Department of Health asks that, if applicable, your insurance company pay for the cost of the vaccine, but if not, the vaccination was still offered FREE OF CHARGE.