If I Were an Article of Clothing …

AHS Student Tells Her Story as a Pair of Yellow Checkered Vans


Submitted Photo

Josie Parker, sophomore, poses with a pair of yellow checkered Vans. In a recent assignment, Josie told about her life as the comfortable, everyday shoe.

Josie Parker, Guest Writer (Submitted Story)

If I were an article of clothing, I would be a pair of slide-on yellow checkered Vans. I have a comfortable low-rise fit with an elastic band that makes me easy to slide on and off. My pastel yellow checkered design brings a burst of happiness to everyone who wears me. If I ever get dirty I can be thrown right in the washer to clean off my canvas exterior.

Almost everybody owns a pair of me, no matter in what pattern or color. I am very versatile and can be worn with almost any outfit, dressy or casual. If you’re ever in a rush out the door and need a quick slip on shoe I’ve got your back. I’m easy to pair with so many outfits you’ll never want to change into your other uncomfortable shoes again. Anyone who owns me will be wearing my checkers right off until they have to buy a new pair of me again!

A typical day in my life would be spent doing pretty much everything. Since my owner loves me and my yellow checkers so much she brings me along everywhere she goes. Whether it’s walking through the mall, a day at school, or even a nice summer day, I bring comfort with me everywhere I go. The one downside of this glamorous life is when I get walked through the mud or a deep puddle. Guess it comes with the perks of being everyone’s favorite everyday shoe!