If I Were an Article of Clothing …

Shivam Raja tells his story as a pair of Brogue Cap-Toe Oxfords


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Shivam Raja, sophomore, poses with a pair of Brogue Cap-Toe Oxfords. In a recent assignment, Raja told about his life as the formal, high-class footwear.

Shivam Raja, Guest Writer (Submitted Story)

If I were an article of clothing, I would be a pair of Brogue Cap-Toe Oxford Watts by Jack Erwin. I’m the elegant take on the classic Brogue Cap-Toe Oxfords. I am built with the most traditional soft-square toe shape. Fully leather and lined with micro-foam insole for the top comfort for my user. I have hand stitched outsole with closed channel, reinforced stacked heel, standard D width, and was made Portugal.

I am worn only by men and women who want to be men. My users wear me with high-class to business-class clothing. I am everything a top-of-the-class man needs. I last from two to four years. Take me to the theatre, or the banquet, or the gala, take me anywhere fancy and I will become the spotlight. I don’t go with everything, as I am a pair of dress shoes.

A day in my life would be spent in the club. I am waiting in the dark closet with the other expensive pairs of shoes. I wait for my owner to come choose me over the other four pairs of shoes. Finally, my owner opens the door. He is dressed for the club, but is missing the most important part, his shoes. He eyes us down, when all of a sudden he chooses the pair next to me. I am distraught. I am the best pair of shoes in the closet and he chooses the one right next to me. He keeps me in the best condition possible, but what’s the point when he doesn’t even wear me. I lose all hope, when the pair of shoes next to me comes back, crying. He looks straight at me! I am bursting with excitement. The other shoes start to lose the temper. He chooses me! He picks me up, closes the door behind him, and puts me on. He takes a quick glance at me in the mirror and I fill him with massive amounts of confidence. He walks out the penthouse, ready for the night.