Career and Technical Education Month Observed

AHS Students Meet the Governor

Landon Medlock, TSA State President and Alex Partlow, TSA State Historian pose with Governor Asa Hutchinson at the State Capitol observing CTE Day.

Luke Pitts, Carole Medlock, Staff Writer, Journalism Adviser

As a part of an initiative observing the importance of Career and Technical Education in Arkansas, four Alma High School students recently had the honor of meeting the governor.

Landon Medlock and Alex Partlow, and Josephine Meinardus and Austin Cluck, traveled to the State Capitol to participate in CTE Day. As a part of the events of the day, state officers of CTE organizations were invited to meet Governor Asa Hutchinson.

Medlock and Meinardus serve as state presidents for Technology Student Association and DECA respectively; Partlow holds the office of TSA State Historian and Cluck holds the office of Arkansas DECA Vice-President of Finance.

Governor Asa Hutchinson declared February to be statewide Career and Technical Education month. CTE is a department of the overarching federal Department of Education. This department oversees all career orientation programs offered in public schools, including Alma High School.

Alma’s CTE program includes the opportunity for students to become “completers” in one of the ten CTE areas offered at the High School. Becoming a completer in one of these areas means that the student has completed at least three courses in the field. Becoming a completer signifies one’s preparation in an occupational field prior to high school graduation. Completers are given a certificate of achievement that qualifies them for certain scholarships.

The CTE program at Alma High School is an untapped reservoir of job and career opportunities that students can gain various skills pertinent to their field of choice. Students can become completers in CTE programs ranging from Engineering to Sports Medicine and from National Security to Television Production. Alma also has several CTE organizations, outside of curriculum. These programs include the Technology Student Association (TSA), DECA, and the Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA). These organizations focus on growing student skills and giving experience in their respective fields.

By participating in any CTE program or organization, be it a class or club, students are gaining skills and abilities necessary for entry immediate entry into the workforce or advancement to college.