How We See It – Government Shutdown

Negative Effects of Government Shutdown Evident


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The capitol building, where Congress blocked Trump’s proposed funding bills.

Luke Pitts, Staff Writer

In this reprieve from the government shutdown America experienced, we should look at the immediate effects and potential long term consequences that this petty feud could have on our nation. This shutdown, the largest and longest lasting in our nation’s history (per The Washington Post), was the result of President Trump throwing an essential tantrum over the refusal of House Democrats to approve 5.7 billion USD for Trump’s Border Wall. It lasted 35 days, beginning on the 22nd of December and only just recently coming to a close after Trump swallowed his pride and signed a funding bill (per The New York Times).

The effects of this shutdown were far-reaching and extremely detrimental. Salaries for government employees weren’t paid and several critical government offices and sectors were shut down to skeleton crews, unable to perform their duties. The government offices that were immediately affected include The Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, the Interior, Justice, State, Transportation, the Treasury, and the Environmental Protection Agency. These agencies were defunded and forced to send hundreds of thousands of employees home without pay. At the onset of the shutdown, 380,000 workers were furloughed. Because of their staff reduction, these agencies worked with reduced efficiency, some even shut down entire sections of their itinerary. For instance, in the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), screeners began to call in sick rather than work without pay, reducing flight safety, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was forced to reduce food quality investigation, risking food contamination.

Far more serious than these agencies shutting down was the effect on the economy. According to NBC News, the shutdown cost the United States economy over 11 billion dollars, 3 billion of which are unrecoverable. Economists predicted that if the shutdown had continued, it would’ve had a significant and irrevocable impact on the US GDP. Trump’s petty plan could’ve had major repercussions on the wallets of the average American.

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The government shutdown was the result of a wasteful, inane idea that was rightfully stopped”

— Luke Pitts, PawPrint Staff Writer

The government shutdown was the result of a wasteful, inane idea that was rightfully stopped. Unfortunately, President Trump still hasn’t seen reason and another shutdown seems to be on the horizon. According to NBC news, once this current funding bill expires, if a compromise is not reached, the government is expected to shut down again.

*This is the opinion of staff writer, Luke Pitts. Staff writers are encouraged to research a subject and form their opinion based on facts from reputable sources.