Students Tour Campus

Concurrent Credit Students Provided the Opportunity to Visit Arkansas Tech

Luke Pitts, Staff Writer

Students currently enrolled in a concurrent credit course at Alma High School recently had the opportunity to take a trip to Arkansas Tech University to tour the campus and receive their ATU IDs. That morning, the concurrent students that choose to go on the trip loaded onto buses and made the hour and thirty minute to Arkansas Tech’s Russellville campus.

Once the students arrived, they were split into groups and given a comprehensive tour of the campus by current ATU students. The tours included the dormitories, admissions offices, and several other buildings on campus.

The main purpose of the trip, however, was for students to get their Arkansas Tech Identification cards.

Since Alma’s concurrent credit program is offered in conjunction with the courses at the University, students enrolled in concurrent classes are also enrolled in ATU and are technically college students taking college classes on the Alma High School campus. Because of this, they are entitled to the benefits of being a college student.

According to Erin Likens, the IDs allow students free admission into sporting events, concerts, and other activities on the ATU campus. The IDs also give student discounts at stores and other businesses in the Russellville area and access to several campus amenities like the library and fitness center.

After IDs were issued, students were gathered in a ballroom and gifted souvenirs and a T-shirt from the university. They were also informed about scholarship and financial aid opportunities for students applying to Arkansas Tech. After finishing that, students were treated to lunch on campus before loading the buses. Participating students returned to campus before the school day was over.