New Club Gives Back

Food For Friends Club Meets Community Need


Luke Pitts

Canned goods and other food gathered by the Food For Friends club is organized and awaits assembly for Thanksgiving and Christmas food boxes.

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Luke Pitts, Staff Writer

Clubs are an integral part of student life at Alma High School, with exciting new clubs added every year. This year, one particular new club in the ever expanding network stands out.

Although Food for Friends existed last year, this is its first year as an official club. It is a club that has its members give back to the community of Alma, putting much needed Thanksgiving and Christmas meals on the tables of Alma students and their families who may be in need during the holiday season.

Through programs already established in the school, generosity, and relationship building, the students in Food For Friends do their part in giving back to the community of Alma and providing for their classmates in need.

The basis of Food for Friends’ work is creating boxes of non-perishable food for distribution throughout the school system. The students coordinate canned food drives and contact management at local stores to gather donations and food. They fill boxes with potatoes, cans of vegetables, and other goods and distribute them via our school’s Backpack Program, which is a needs-based program designed to aid the lower income students at our school with supplies and other help. The Food Boxes were only supposed to be able to feed one family, but a multitude of donations turned the boxes into packages that had over 30 food items in it and could feed 15 people, according to Jerry Kelley, AHS science teacher and the club’s sponsor.

Kelley said he actually has very little to do with the club’s work outside of being a supervisor. Food for Friends is almost entirely run by the student members. Kelley said the idea came from his ACT Prep class as something those students could put on their college and scholarship applications. It grew into wonderful exercise in generosity and community kindness.

For Adam Carlson, the club’s president, it is an opportunity to do his part in satisfying a need in the community. He says that it’s nice for everyone to have someone looking out for them, and he wants to be that person for some of his classmates.

Food for friends is just one of Alma’s new clubs this year. Others include Ducks Unlimited Varsity, Model United Nations, Storytellers/Journalism Club, and the Ping Pong Club.