Teachers Appreciated

Volleyball Team Honors Teachers


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Alma High School volleyball players pose with teachers they chose to honor for Teacher Appreciation Night.

Chaarlee Hickman , Staff Writer

At last Thursday’s Alma High School volleyball game, students recognized amazing teachers at the First Annual Teacher Appreciation game.

It was the first teacher appreciation game the volleyball team has ever hosted at Alma. It served to recognize those teachers that have made an impact and encouraged the student-athletes during their time at Alma.

“I feel honored to have been chosen by Haven. I’m grateful that she asked me to come and I enjoyed being a part of the special night,” said Coach Law, a teacher who was chosen for teacher appreciation night.  

Coach Jones, AHS Volleyball coach,  saw some of the other teams in our conference host nights similar to this and it was special not only for the teachers but also for the athletes.

“I loved how this night went. The teachers and students loved participating in it.” says Jones.

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I loved how this night went. The teachers and students loved participating in it”

— Volleyball Coach Kathy Jones

The teachers were recognized between the Junior Varsity (JV) and Varsity (V) matches with a short presentation and gift for them. Each student got to take a selfie with their teacher to use during the presentation. Jones said she hopes that this was a special night for everyone.

“I loved the Volleyball Teacher Appreciation Night! It allowed several teachers to have the opportunity to come out and watch our students play their favorite sport. I hope that this becomes a yearly tradition,” said Law.

The Alma Volleyball team won 3-0 against Vilonia. The scores for each game were 26-24, 25-15, and 25-23.