Musical Auditions to take Place

Theater Department Seeks Students to Audition for The Addams Family


Nathan Painter, Staff Writer

The Alma High School Theater Department is hosting auditions for the upcoming musical titled, “The Addams Family” on May 14th from 3:45 until auditions are finished. Auditions will be held in the Performing Arts Center.

Anyone interested in auditioning is highly recommended to. There are no baseline requirements, such as the ability to sing or dance, for auditioning which means anyone and everyone can be apart of the show.

There are roughly ten primary roles, and well over 20 dancing, singing, and acting roles, all of which need to be filled. There are also many backstage opportunities which if you are interested in feel free to talk to Jasmine Willis, a junior student who typically handles stage management for the musicals, or Danny Hobson, director of the show.

The musical this year is meant to be the exact opposite of Emma, the show from this past year. The show is based around the Broadway musical, “The Addams Family” with its own unique twist to it.

The musical will air this upcoming school year on November 29th – December 2nd.

Hobson stated, ¨I don’t want people to automatically assume they will be cast as the leading role, there are lots of different roles available that aren’t leading roles so if you want to participate then do it.”

¨I also don’t want everyone to think they have to sing or dance perfectly. We have months to work on their singing and dancing abilities,¨ Hobson said.

There are also opportunities that involve filming and marketing which could also be filled if we find people interested in that aspect of the musical.