Prom Time

Students Get Ready for Yearly Tradition


Alma High School students help decorate for the prom, to be held this Saturday, April 14 from 8 to 11 p.m. in the Crabtree Gymnasium.

Chaarlee Hickman, Staff Writer

We all know that time well, when we prepare and get giddy about the night we shine. Though if we look into the cost of the Prom night, we might want to rethink that pink sparkly dress that is over $400. Now I am not saying that you shouldn’t treat yourself to a hair appointment, but maybe pull back on the very fancy stuff like the limo you want to drive up in.

Let me give you some history; prom and promposals (a request to be someone’s date to prom) haven’t been around for the same amount of time. Nationwide proms started around the 1930’s and viral promposals started in the 2000’s.

According to Visa Inc’s annual prom survey, we spend an average $919 on anything from the corsage to the transportation. And 80 percent of the people Visa tested said they spend an average $324 on a promposal . With that in mind you could average at about $1,243 on the whole prom experience. WOW! That is a lot of cash to be spending on one night. So why do it?

“I like seeing it all come together and the students dressed up and having a good time,” says Shilo Blackwell, Alma High School’s prom coordinator.

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I like seeing it all come together and the students dressed up and having a good time”

— Shilo Blackwell, Alma High School teacher

Alma prom theme is created by students and teachers. This year they came up with a Masquerade ball theme.The event will be held in the Crabtree gym and will be decorated by Blackwell, Mrs. Jeremiah, and their students.

The entire budget for the invitations, decorations, etc. is $1,000. They are making masks that will be along the walls and hanging from the ceilings. There will be small masks on the table as centerpieces. The entryway will have brick or stone to give the feel of a castle with another mask above it with lights shining on the mask.

Usually, preparations for prom take about one month, although it just depends on the theme. The week of prom Blackwell and her students decorate and set up the gym for prom the following Saturday.

Students can only have masks on sticks, no permanent masks so participants are easily identified. Only Juniors and Seniors can buy tickets to attend, but if they purchase a ticket for lower classmen (freshman/sophomores) they can attend as well. Entry tickets cost $20. Prom will be held on April 14 (same day as the ACT – FUN!).