Students Prep for ACT

All Juniors Prepare to Take a Free ACT Test Tuesday

Nathan Painter, Staff Writer

The juniors will take the junior only ACT on February 27th at Alma High School (AHS).

The junior only ACT recently replaced other forms of standardized testing at AHS. This has proved to benefit our students greatly given the time of day and the day of the week. Since a normal ACT is at 8am on a Saturday morning, being in an atmosphere students are comfortable with and at a time they are comfortable with has seemed to positively impact test taking scores as well as the fact that the ACT has implications past AHS according to Manesseh Moore.

AHS officials have drilled home that the junior only ACT has become a golden opportunity for the junior class because it is a free ACT, they are in a comfortable environment, and it is at a time of day students have become accustomed to.

“For all involved this is an opportunity,” Mrs. Moore.

Students who will be taking the ACT either this upcoming February one, or any others in the future can become prepared through taking the ACT Prep class hosted by Jerry Don Kelly.

The ACT Prep class is a semester long class that focuses on every aspect of the ACT with the intention of raising your scores. Students taking the ACT Prep class saw, on average, a three point increase to their composite scores according to Kelley, the instructor of the ACT Prep class.

February 27th also doubles as a senior visit day so seniors can visit colleges or do job shadowing. This date gives seniors a day to visit colleges without the complication of missing classes.