Alma Sport’s Inaugural Season

Alma High School Students Prepare for the First Soccer Season in School History

Chaarlee Hickman, Staff Writer

A new soccer season for Alma High School students is here.

This season will be Alma High School’s first soccer season. The school’s soccer coach, Coach Sturdivant, says we have about two soccer games a week during the season and the season goes from February 22nd to May 1st.

“Our strength is our girls group (that) has come together and are very disciplined, and are very passionate (and) same things for the boys,” said Sturdivant.

The challenges for Sturdivant include taking some kids who have played and kids who haven’t played, while still allowing for the kids who have played to grow and teaching the kids who haven’t played how to play.

“Anyone can play soccer,” says Brian Kirkendoll, Assistant Principal at Alma High School.

Aidan Walker, senior soccer athlete, says he has had an interest in soccer since he was four years old and he loves how the game is played.

“I want to teach them about characteristics of sports that lend themselves to developing successful skills for life. Skills like overcoming adversity, teamwork, and instilling in them a good work ethic they will need to be successful in college or in the workforce.“ Sturdivant said.

Sturdivant tries to keep all practices to a certain theme that deals with a certain soccer play or soccer skill.  

“We have more athletes than we anticipated, about 20 per soccer team.” said Kirkendoll.

“The Administration has been talking about (starting soccer) for years. When we put the new field in we knew we would start soccer. They put in hooks, that you can’t see because it’s under the turf, for the soccer goals.” says Kirkendoll.

Then around this time last year the administration decided to put into effect the sport, soccer. “I think we were the only 5A school that didn’t have soccer.” said Kirkendoll.

The soccer teams can only play Junior Varsity (JV) games because when you implement a new varsity sport you can only play JV games for the first year. Next year the soccer teams can begin to play varsity games.

Because the soccer teams can only play JV games, they are not eligible to play in the playoffs.

“I think you can tell it’s a new sport but the coach is really good at helping get (the team) caught up on the playing season.” says Courtney Bates, freshman soccer athlete.