The Twelve Days of Giving – Day 5


Alma Yearbook Staff Photo

FCCLA members wait to give candy to children from a local preschool during the club’s annual Halloween party.

Jasmine Recinos, Staff Writer

Organization: FCCLA

Club Sponsor: Mrs. Blackwell

Community Service Project: Halloween Party, Little Miss Alma Pageant, Quilts to Nursing Home

Q – Explain your community service project and tell me when it took place (or if it is yet to happen when it will take place…)

A – Halloween Party for Kiddie College students that took place on Halloween which is a Halloween carnival; there are games, face painting, candy and other Halloween themed activities. Sewing classes made little Trick-or-Treat bags with the kids names on them.

Valentine distribution takes place on Valentine’s Day; FCCLA students are in charge of passing out Valentine deliveries that are made to the school on Valentine’s Day.   

Little Miss Alma Pageant takes place in February; the money raised by helps go to provide materials for quilts that are constructed in sewing classes and delivered to nursing home patients.

Q- Why did you choose this particular project/activity for you club to be involved in?

Halloween Party: The club members enjoy dressing up and providing a special Halloween activity for children in the community

Little Miss Alma Pageant: It generates funds that can be used for other community service activities

Q – How do you think the students in your club benefit from participating in community service?

A – It’s good for the students to give back to others and the community

Mrs. Blackwell’s favorite is taking the quilts to the nursing home patients. She thinks that this community service is what her students get the most out of, being able to meet, talk, and interact with them.

Q – How did students react to giving their time/efforts to others?

A – Students enjoy it. All of them they enjoyed themselves and the activities.

Q – How did the community or organization that you helped react to involvement by AHS students?

A – They enjoyed participating. They always send thank you notes and seem to look forward to it each year.

*The information from this interview was paraphrased; the club sponsor was not quoted directly as in other Twelve Days of Giving stories.