The Twelve Days of Giving – Day 2


Submitted Photo

Members of Alma’s Young Republicans pose for a photo in anticipation of their 12-hour volunteer challenge.

Jaden Petree, Staff Writer

OrganizationYoung Republicans

Club PresidentColin Keady

Community Service/Fundraiser12-hour Volunteer Challenge

Q – Explain your community service project and tell me when it took place (or if it is yet to happen when it will take place…)

A – “We did the 12 hour volunteer challenge and it took place on Saturday, November 25 and it was from 8 in the morning till 8 at night and we basically volunteer for 12 hours straight. We started off our day doing a trash pickup, and then we visited the nursing home for a little while, and then we started to make cards for kids at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital and soldiers serving overseas. While that was going on we also had kids at the Alma Walmart ring bells for the Salvation Army. Then we finished up making no sew scarves for the homeless in Fort Smith.”

Q – Why did you choose this particular project/activity for your club to be involved in?

A – “This was just an idea that I had and it just kind of came to me and I thought it would be a great idea for our club to do because it’s different and allows us to have some publicity, we’re out changing the world, and there’s just so many positives of it that I didn’t see a reason why we shouldn’t do this as Alma Teenage Republicans, so Hensley and I working and I started talking with the other officers and we thought it was a great idea so we all started running with it.”

Q- How do you think the students in your club benefit from participating in community service?

A – “I think there’s a few ways they benefitted. Not just the fact that we were out volunteering, but when we went to the nursing home there was a lot of kids who have never been there before and they really grew as a person I think, because they had to talk with someone who they were totally unfamiliar with and that sometimes wasn’t mentally competent, and so it was a real learning experience for a lot of kids. And so I think they learned how to be a better human from that. Overall I think we all just learned to serve our community more.”

Q – How did students react to giving their time/efforts to others?

A – “The students, and I was really afraid at first that everybody was going to be bored, but at the end of it everyone thought that it was a really rewarding experience we all had so much fun that we didn’t all realize that we were volunteering and we had a whole heck of a lot of fun.”

Q – How did the community or organization that you helped react to involvement by AHS students.

A – “Everyone that we went and talked to or helped out were so incredibly thankful, they were just overjoyed to have kids like us going out of our way to make a difference in the world.”