The Twelve Days of Giving – Day 1

Elyssa Mansell, Staff Writer

Organization: Student Council

Student Council Officer: Kelsey Corder

Community Service/Fundraiser: Miracle Minute- Make-A-Wish

Q – Explain your community service project and tell me when it took place.

A – “It took place at halftime of the Greenwood football game, and there were student council members throughout the stands. We all had a bag, and they put a minute on the clock and for that whole minute we collected as much spare change as we could from people in the stands.”

Q – Why did you choose this particular project/activity for your club to be involved in?

A – “We’ve done it every year to help raise money for Make-A-Wish.”

Q – How do you think the students in your club benefit from participating in community service?

A – “It gives good character and support for the community.”

Q – How did students react to giving their time/efforts to others?

A – “Personally I felt like it was cool to see, that you didn’t have to put much effort in. Just walking around the stands asking for spare change. It was cool to see how much that little effort could pay off in the end.”

Q – How did the community or organization that you helped react to involvement by AHS students?

A – “We helped out and people gave money for Make-A-Wish.”