Wonder Endearing to Audiences


Brooke Friddle, Staff Writer

R.J. Palacio novel Wonder is an emotional and true telling of the everyday Auggie Pullman and his terrifying new experience: 5th grade. Even though the novel is classified as children’s literature, it’s enjoyable for all ages.

Auggie is a 10 year old little boy, but has already been through so much in his life. Sadly, he’s not normal and no one can do anything to fix it. His only wish is when other kids see him they won’t run away screaming. He has grown used to all the stares, though.

Auggie has had 27 surgeries to fix his face. He can’t change the way he looks, but maybe the students can change the way they see.

As the story progresses the point of view switches from many of the main characters including, August, Summer, and Via. One of the main quotes that is shown throughout the novel is, “When given the choice between being right and being kind: choose kind.”

Other Novels by R.J. Palacio were add ons to wonder like Auggie & me and the We’re all Wonders collection which includes The Julian Chapter, Shingaling, and Pluto.

Recently a movie came out about the book Wonder with actors Jacob Tremblay, Julia Roberts, and Owen Wilson. The movie follows the story line fairly well, but plays with your emotions so much more.

Wilson is usually the funny man in a story, but did an amazing job playing the father figure. Jacob also does so well at showing emotion of a true child that struggles with being accepted.

I believe everyone can can find at least one character to relate to if not more.