Powderpuff Game Played

Students Switch Gender Roles for a Good Cause


Brooke Friddle

Senior Madalyn Satterfield carries the ball down field during the Powderpuff football game Monday night. The game is played as a fundraiser, sponsored by Alma Student Council.

Brooke Friddle, Staff Writer

The annual powderpuff football game was held on Monday at Airedale Stadium. Admission was only a dollar and the game started at 6:30. With over 60 students participating, it became the biggest game yet.

Powderpuff football is like a normal football game except, the genders switch rolls. The girls play football and the boys cheer. The ladies were also so passionate about the game that they even held practices.  

There were many students who attended the game, and many laughs and cheers were shared. Some even forgot that the game was going on because of those cheerleaders.

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It’s fun to see the girls be competitive at a sport they’ve never played”

— Cooper McGhee, Student Council President


The football teams were the Green Beans and the Underdogs with 48 players in all. No one scored until almost the fourth quarter. In the end, the score was Underdogs 10, Green Beans 0.

The cheerleaders stood in front of the student section and continued to cheer on those Airedales: which team the cheering was meant for, no one was sure. At half time they performed a routine complete with cartwheels, flips, and basket tosses.

According to McGhee, the game is a fundraiser for AHS Student Council, but they mostly have it because of how fun it is. He said it’s an annual tradition and hopes it will continue in the future.