Grace Peters, Staff Writer

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My heart hurts…

My body is shaking.

How can I tell what it is I feel aching?


Surrounded by darkness,

I feel so alone..

I feel like an anchor, sunk like a stone.


You build me up,

They break me down..

I feel as if I could drown.


You are my rock,

My one true desire.

I look to you for words to inspire.


You’re here,

I am put  together again.

I pray to God I keep you, Amen.


You are all I need,

All I want.

Everyone lined up and you’re in front.


When I think of you,

I think of my future.

You hold my heart together like a suture.


You are you,

My very best friend.

Which reminds me that we are together till the end.


You and I,

We are a masterpiece.

My love for you makes my heart obese.


Me and you,

We are forever,

And to know that I don’t have to be clever.

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