“Red Queen” Book Review

Students Who Like Action and Adventure Will Like This Book by Victoria Aveyard


Geneva Polk

“Red Queen” by Victoria Aveyard

Geneva Polk, Staff Writer

Silver and Red. The powerful and the powerless. If you want an action packed adventure, full of sharp edges and plot twists that will render you unable to put the book down, I recommend the Red queen series. So far there are three books available. In order, they are Red Queen, Glass Sword, King’s Cage. The fourth and final book, War Storm, will be released sometime in 2018.

As you read, you will follow the story of Mare, a girl from the stilts. All she wanted was a job to save her from being dragged into the war the Silver’s had started, which her three older brothers are already apart of. When she gets a job at the palace, it’s a dream come true. But things never seem to go right when you want them to. Mistakes were made and a secret she didn’t even know she had was revealed. Her life and trust are tested time and time again, as she plays a dangerous game with the queen. Cal and Maven, both princes, try to help after seeing her. But one of them holds a nasty secret. A secret that, eventually, will be her downfall and test the strength of a weakening kingdom build on the blood of the reds. But the reds have a new weapon, and they refuse to bow any longer.

If you have already rushed through the three available books and waiting for the fourth, Victoria Aveyard also has 3 sub-books, that explain stories of a few of the main characters: Queen Song, Steel Scars, and Cruel Crown.

Queen Song explains the life of Queen Coriane, Cal’s passed but beloved mother. This book shows what Corinne’s life after she was selected, and the love she developed with King Tiberias. It also reveals the truth behind her sudden, tragic ending.

Steel Scars follows Farley as she is tasked with planting the seed of rebellion in Norta. But a rebellion is hard to start when everyone fears the silver- blooded rulers. The task is harder than Farley had originally thought, and in this book you will follow her on an adventure that puts her life on the line on more than one occasion.

Cruel Crown is another book that follows Queen Coriane, her life such a mystery full of plot twists, that it takes two books. Cruel crown is the book about Coriane’s secret diary.

One thing you can be sure of in this series is you can’t trust anyone. Best friends and allies are spies for your enemies. Hearts are broken by those who swore to protect it. Family means nothing to some, and taken from others.