Game Encourages Creativity in Art Students

New Classroom Activity Keeps Students Busy in their Spare Time


Geneva Polk

Colorful letters display the name of a classroom activity implemented by Alma art teacher Katelyn Jeremiah. The activity allows students to select from a variety of projects to keep them active and engaged in between assignments in their art classes.

Geneva Polk, Staff Writer

A new project is ‘drawing’ a lot of attention this year in Alma High School art classes.

The newly introduced activity, Art-Tac-Toe, works just like Tic-Tac-Toe and is composed of several mini-projects listed on a game board. Each square has the name of a different project in it. Students pick three of these projects; just like the real game, they must choose three in a row. Projects must be completed by December 6th and the assignment is worth 150 points, with extra projects worth bonus.

The learning strategy was introduced this year by Katelyn Jeremiah, a new art teacher at the high school.

“It started out actually as a Civics-Tac-Toe. A teacher at Ramsey told me about it,” Jeremiah said. She quickly took up the game, and soon, most of the teachers at Ramsey had too. “There’s English-Tac-Toe, History-Tac-Toe, and many more,” she said.

“It started out actually as a Civics-Tac-Toe. A teacher at Ramsey told me about it,” ”

— Katelyn Jeremiah, Alma High School Art Teacher

There are many different projects to choose from, and students can pick something they like. On the other hand, they must also complete a row, so it often forces them out of their comfort zone and gets them to try different styles. Students really get to show their creativity. For example, you can create a game that has something to do with art. You could also use skills to complete half of a magazine page, make artist trading cards, create a full page zentangle (exploring shapes), or create a movie poster from something you like.

Art-Tac-Toe is a way to keep kids busy during their free time. The fact that they always have something to do means that they are not disrupting class or bothering other students who are trying to work. Some students say that it’s a fun way to pass the time.

Students involved in completing the project said it’s good to always have something to do, but many wish they had a little more time to work on it. However, they enjoy expressing their creativity through Art-Tac-Toe.