Alma NJROTC Honors Naval Day

Cadets Cut Cake to Honor the Navy’s Birthday


Jaden Petree

Commanding Officer Jenny Watkins and Executive Officer Brendon Peel use a naval sword to cut the cake. NJROTC celebrated the Navy’s birthday recently with a ceremony held in the students union.

Jaden Petree, Staff Writer

A Navy birthday celebration was recently held at Alma High School, marking the day that the United States Navy was officially established in 1775.

The celebration has been held at Alma High School since 1995 when former Lt. Commander John Roger Rickard and former Senior Chief Petty Officer Dan Arnold first brought the Naval Junior Reserve Officer’s Training Corps, (NJROTC) online.

The event is important to NJROTC because it helps them remember the history of the Navy and how the old Navy is different from today’s Navy. Since NJROTC is sponsored by the Navy, they use the same standards and workouts, so it holds some very important significance to NJROTC.

A tradition long observed is the cutting of the cake, which is to honor all the men and women who have served in the Navy.

“Fun fact …” said current NJROTC leader, Lt. Commander Michael Raymer, “… earlier sailing ships had scurvy and they couldn’t keep oranges on board because they went bad, so they had put rum into barrels of citrus fruits and ended up creating what is called grog.”

The event involved students from Alma’s NJROTC program, the principals of Alma High School, and former Lt. Commander Roger Rickard and former Senior Chief Petty Officer Dan Arnold.