Alma FCA Hosts ‘Fields of Faith’

Students from Area Schools Come Together for Worship


Brooke Friddle

Alma High School Junior Chloe Gilmore talks about her struggle with self-worth as a part of the Fields of Faith program Wednesday night. Alma’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes organization hosted the event for students from both the Alma and Van Buren communities.

Airewaves Media

Brooke Friddle, Staff Writer

At 6:00 pm on October 11, the doors opened to a student led event held at Airedale Stadium. Students invited, prayed for, shared with, and challenged their peers to follow Christ. This now, annual event is called Fields of Faith.

Upon arriving at the event, students and parents were greeted by Fellowship of Christian Athlete members from both Alma and Van Buren, waving welcoming signs and bright smiles. Alma senior, Sydney Alegria volunteered at the event. She said the night was powerful, emotional, and rejuvenating.

“I came expecting less than there was; I didn’t think there would be that many students,” said Josh Taylor, a junior at AHS who also volunteered at the event. The bottom half of the stadium was filled to where you almost couldn’t find a seat.

The event opened with AHS senior, Caleb Lamproe leading the crowd in prayer. After, a live local band led worship and sang songs. Impactful testimonials, like the one by AHS student Chloe Gilmore, showed students that life isn’t easy, but they can use Christ to make it through, just like she did. And all of that was just the beginning.

A former collegiate and professional football player, Dominic Miller spoke to students about their dreams vs. the dream God has for them. He started out showing off his strength by doing pushups with people on his back and ended with breaking a baseball bat.

In between his shows of strength, he spoke about the comeback he had through Christ and how students can get back up too.

When Miller gave the altar call, hundreds of students stood up and went down to the end zone. “There was a great move of God” said Taylor. Volunteers, including Taylor and Lamproe were waiting to help lead the students to Christ.

“I was expecting God to show up,” said Lamproe. “I learned how to be transparent and relate to people more.”

Around the country, there were 391 fields hosting fields of faith that night, 18 of them in Arkansas. Each year the local event alternates between Airedale Stadium and Blakemore Field; the FCA programs in both Alma and Van Buren schools host the event.

The events dates back to 2002 when Jeff Martin, Oklahoma FCA director, was frustrated with what he was hearing about what his students had to face every day, according to the national Fields of Faith website. Shortly after, God led him to 2 Chronicles 34:31 where king Josiah, an influential teenager, gathered his people and challenged them to read God’s Word. Because they obeyed him, they changed their culture and community. This passage inspired a movement called the Josiah-influenced dream.

Finally in 2004, this dream came true when more than 6,000 students gathered in one stadium. Since that day hundreds of thousands of people have attended Fields of Faith and thousands have accepted Christ as their savior.