Alma Welcomes New Drama Teacher

Danny Hobson Transitions to Alma High School


Elysia Crawford

Danny Hobson, Theater teacher at Alma High School

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Elysia Crawford, Staff Writer

After 19 years with the Springdale School District, Danny Hobson decided to make a change. Hobson taught middle school theater, stagecraft, and history in Springdale. He loved his job, but when he heard there was an opening at Alma High School, he decided that maybe it was time for a change.

Hobson was the perfect fit for the job. He has many years of experience teaching theater and stagecraft, but he had always taught middle school, so this was a huge change for him. But he is adjusting nicely and all the students love him.

“I feel that Mr. Hobson is a great director and a great addition to the Alma High School theater program.“ said one of his students, Landon Medlock.

Hobson has always had a love for the arts. In addition to teaching musical theater and acting, he often worked at the Arts Center of the Ozarks, teaching community theater.

Hobson is in charge of many things as head of the drama department. But perhaps his most exciting project is the musical. Every year Alma High School puts on a musical, and Hobson got the honor of selecting this year’s show. He went with something a little different, a modern musical titled “Emma.” He wanted something new and fresh that would really grab the audience’s attention, and he is very excited for it.

Along with his musical theater class, Hobson also teaches stagecraft and acting. In his stagecraft classes, the students work hard to build sets for the musical and other activities that the school puts on. His acting and musical theater classes focus a lot on the musical in the beginning of the year, but they also start gearing up for The Thespian Festival.

Although the switch to high school has been difficult, Hobson loves the students and teachers here at Alma, and is excited for this school year and the many more to come.