Students Attend College and Career Fair

Alma High School Students Plan for the Future


Elyssa Mansell

Alma High School seniors listen to a representative from Arkansas Tech in Russelville as a part of their College and Career Day rotation.

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Elyssa Mansell, Staff Writer

Alma High School senior students recently attended College and Career Day, where they began laying the foundation for their future.

Representatives from Arkansas and Oklahoma colleges as well as personnel from the military and other professions gathered at Alma High School to educate our seniors about different career paths. There were over 55 different colleges and career representatives that came to discuss options available after graduation.

Alma High School has been hosting a college fair for over 20 years, but only in the last three years dedicated a whole day to it.

“It is one of the most important programs we have here,” said Jerry Valentine, Alma High School Principal. He added that it helps inform and answer a lot of the questions students have.

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It is one of the most important programs we have here”

— Jerry Valentine, Alma High School Principal

Everyone is scared to make such big life decisions, and this program gives seniors peace of mind. Randy Baker, a senior who attended, said that it was during the program he decided his career path.

The day is packed full of activities, starting out with breaking everyone into groups. Prior to attending College and Career Day, all seniors were required to fill out a survey describing what they want to do after high school. Based on that information they are split into groups of college and career paths.

Students interested in attending college after high school learned about how to apply for college and scholarships. Other students, interested in pursuing a career instead of college, get to meet with people from many different careers and ask questions about jobs.

During lunch there was a student panel made up of high school graduates, and this year’s seniors were given the chance to ask them questions.

At the end of the day the students gathered in Crabtree Gym, to speak with personnel that represented colleges and careers. Any remaining questions were asked at this time.

Deciding what college or career you want to pursue can be a lot to think about. But attending College and Career Day gives students the opportunity to  ask questions and get insight on a vast range of options.