Ninth Grade Quiz Bowl Kicks Off Season

Quiz Bowl Members Force Sudden Death

Chae Denton, Staff Writer

Alma’s ninth grade Quiz Bowl team put up a good fight in their first match against Van Buren’s Freshman Academy, squaring up in a sudden death tie-breaker. But ultimately, the team fell to Van Buren.

Alma 9th grade and Van Buren Freshman Academy competed against one another in Alma’s first quiz bowl match of the season on Monday, Oct 3rd.

The first game was tied at 185 at the end of standard play, which led to a three question sudden death.  Van Buren got two of those questions correct, meaning we lost 205 – 185.  The second game was not as close, and we lost 125 – 190,” said Larry Perreault, the coach of the “junior” (9th grade) quiz bowl team.  

Quiz bowl team members are asked questions in a variety of categories. Different members specialize in one or more categories.Topics run the gamut of academics:  English, math, science, history, art, geography, spelling, sports, general knowledge, and pop culture. There are four rounds per game.

Perreault explained how a quiz bowl match is structured.

Round 1 is 20 tossup questions that are worth 10 points each, in which anyone can buzz in and answer. However, only the first person to buzz in from each team can answer. Round 2 is up to 10 tossup questions with the team that answers each getting a four part bonus question worth five points for each part. This round can end sooner if four tossup questions are answered correctly.  Round 3 is the Lightning Round. Team members answer 10 questions in 60 seconds; the other team has a chance to “steal” points by answering correctly any questions the first team misses. And Round 4 is identical to round one.

There are currently four students on the junior high quiz bowl team with one planning to join at the conclusion of football season. The students are each assigned to specific areas in which their knowledge is tested during the game.

The students engage in practice matches with Perreault after school. As a team, they work together to figure things out. When they do not know something, Perreault can provide them a brief lesson over the topic.

“I also go through strategies for how to recognize clues in questions, math shortcuts, or general gameplay.”

The quiz bowl team’s next match will be Monday at Trinity Junior High in Fort Smith.