House of Dark Shadows


Brooke Friddle, Student Contributor

How would you like to be moving far away? Far away from your school, your best friends, and maybe never see them again. What if when you got there you heard rumors that your new house in the woods is haunted? The family who lived there just before you had been murdered in that same house. Well, now you know how Xander felt when he had this situation happen to him in the book House of Dark Shadows by Robert Liparulo.
In this story, Xander is forced to move to a place he did not want to go. He had to leave behind his friends, school and his girlfriend, who is ignoring all of his texts and calls. As his family search for a house in this new city, he can not help but to be mad about the whole situation. They get to this one house that his parents love oh so much, but to Xander, something feels off. Ever since he got there, he knows he is being watched. As he goes into this strange house, his suspicions start to rise. He sees his family in one room but voices from another. To make the situation even worse, he sees footprints on the floor of the house. They lead right to a window where something or someone once stood watching.
He tries to tell his parents how he feels about the new house and how he does not like it at all, but his parents obviously do not care. They certainly want this house and no other. Xander goes to the real estate agent with his father to buy this house. She did not even know that house was for sell. It has been abandoned for so long, and because of its history, no one wants to buy it. The family who last lived in that house came home one night, and their father was waiting there. Waiting and watching from a window for them to get home. He had a plan to murder everyone in his family and then disappear. Later that night, that is exactly what happens. After hearing this story from the real estate agent, Xander wants to go home now more than ever. Want to see if Xander and his family can survive this terrifying house? Then you can go find the book of House of Dark Shadows.