Daniel Boone


Tanner Shelton, Student Contributor

The main character in this book is, of course, the Great Daniel Boone. In this specific book, it talks about everything he accomplishes over his lifetime. It talks about his wife Rebecca and his son Israel. It told about his crazy stories of when he was opening up the Cumberland Gap and when they built Boonesboro and how they traded and explored.
Boone made many peace treaties, trades and explorations. He fought against the British and did jobs for the army. It talked about all this and how his whole life contributed to helping the frontier and other people. He was a big part of the Westward Expansion. He opened up Kentucky and new ideas, leading other frontiersmen to do the same. He inspired people all around; he was a legend. This book of Boone’s life inspired me. It inspired me in the way of how much goodness, courage, kindness and all other sorts of traits people can have. Daniel Boone was a man of his word, and every one remembers him for that. In the book, it tells us about when he was young he was captured by the Shawnee. They were a fierce tribe, and he lived among them, and he learned from them. That is why he was a great explorer, hunter and tracker. He was able to do just about anything. He escaped from the Indians many times and had outsmarted a lot of people so that the people of Kentucky could be free and well. In the end of the book, it talked about how he lived his last days out in Missouri with his son. He had lived a full and meaningful life. He is a role model to me and many others. He was a true legend in my mind.
If you find the outdoors and the frontier days interesting, I highly encourage this book. There is no man better than Daniel Boone; he was true hero. I think this book was very beneficial and helped me grasp the concept of everything Boone had accomplished over his lifetime. He remains a legend still today and has his own national forest in Kentucky. He was the biggest and best man to ever walk the dark and bloody grounds.