Life of Pi


Rylee Slates, Student Contributor

I have been reading the book Life of Pi by Yann Martel. It a first person perspective of a boy named Piscine Patel. He later changes it to Pi. I thought that was a weird part of the book but nonetheless important. He loves God so much that he practices Islam, Hinduism and Christianity. His father runs the Pondicherry Zoo; Pi and his family live here, too. They end up moving to Canada and selling and trading many animals, but something goes terribly wrong.
The ship they are on sinks. I do not know if I like the way Martel did this or not. His style is interesting. At the end of part one, he is saying goodbye to India. Then the first words of part two are, “The ship sank.” But the book does not leave you hanging on how it sank because Pi tells us what happened. He woke up after hearing a loud crash. He goes to the deck during a storm. Then, he tries to go downstairs, realizing that the ship is sinking and saves his family. But water cuts him off in the stairs. He goes to the deck and is thrown overboard onto a lifeboat. Long story shorter, he ends up having a zebra, bengal tiger, hyena and orangutan on board. I like this part. In the end, you know what happened, and nothing is left out.
There are chapters in the book that are in italics. These are interesting parts because they are telling a story of how the author heard the story and how he got the story into a book. One instance is right before part two when the boat sinks and Martel is talking to Pi. It talks about his kids and his pets. At the end of this chapter, this book has a happy ending. So it tells us more about Pi as an adult and not as a 16-year-old on a lifeboat. So I guess I liked these parts. They add a new story and more to the book. But, overall, I have liked this book so far. It is getting suspenseful on the boat. I like survival books, so it fits me. I would encourage anyone to read it. It is a good book.