Bad Boy in Glasses

Cassandra Hanger, Student Contributor

Bad Boy in Glasses is a great book about teen love and affection. The author herself is not a published author but does have many stories on Wattpad. The book is written in two points of view, Violet’s and Gage’s and switches back in forth depending on where the characters are. If it is an important part for Violet, the story gets told in Violet’s point of view and vice versa.
Chapter 5 is where all of the story starts coming together, as a whole. Gage saves Violet from a man trying to kidnap her. Violet also finds out this “nerd” is actually Travon from the underground illegal fighting ring. She has to keep it a secret because he knows one of hers. Both of their reputations could be ruined if this got out. All until they realized how much they have loved each other all along. Gage’s best friend since childhood, Myrna, gets jealous of their affection towards each other and threatens Violet, and when Violet does not listen, Myrna shoots Violet, but, luckily, she lives.
My favorite part of the book is when they realize how much they love each other. I personally think it sets the mood for the rest of the story and really shows who Violet and Gage really are. My least favorite part of the book is when they met. I do not think it was intriguing enough, and it was very simple and plain, for all the action and suspense in the book it didn’t really seem to fit.
I would only give this book an 8/10 because some parts of the book trail off into elements that are not relevant to the story, and the author, in my opinion, hosted too many secondary characters in this story and did not focus on what the story is truly about. The epilogue is set 10 years later, this time from Gage’s point of view. He and Violet are married with two children, Isabella and Alex, the twins. It does not explain how her time was recovering and what happened with Myrna, and that also is why I didn’t give it a 10/10. I would definitely recommend this book to teens or people who like action.