Class Comes to the Rescue


The tragedy occurred on February 20. There was a 33-year-old man having a quiet day out fishing when BOOM! The man fell.
“It just felt like I had been shot,” Science Teacher Jerry Don Kelley reported.
Kelley had been lifting a fishing net when he turned and was taken down by a sharp pain in his lower back. After this event, it was three days before he would make it back to work, leaving time for his classes to do something spectacular.
With a group effort from all of Kelley’s classes, they were able to collect enough money to purchase a new and improved chair for his classroom desk.
“It was completely unexpected but greatly appreciated,” said Kelley. “I told them I’d hook them up with something nice, so there’s a test next Tuesday.”
The students were thrilled.
“I told them I’d get them all Random Acts of Kindness and make Mr. Valentine read them all over the intercom in the morning,” Kelley continued.
“Despite what people who are not in education think, this just goes to show that when something happens to someone you know, something good can come out of it,” Kelley said, in all seriousness. “People think kids are selfish, but when things happen, they really band together.”
When it comes down to it, good things do still happen. People help people, just because it is the right thing to do.
“It happens more than you think,” Kelley said, referring to not only this occasion but also to the work the DECA program has been doing with Make-A-Wish.
As touching as this all was, Kelley was very intent on us knowing “I did not cry!” Though these facts cannot be proved, one thing is for sure: Kelley is enjoying his new chair on the path to recovery.