Fried Rice


Rachel Banks, Staff Writer

How many times do you go to Fort Smith a week? What about Midland Boulevard? Maybe not that often, but maybe you do drive down that way, not thinking about all the little restaurants and businesses you are passing on the way. Well, whatever the case, next time you or your parents are driving through Midland, put in the address 3758 Midland Blvd., Fort Smith in your GPS and head on over to this little hole in the wall restaurant. You will not regret it.

So, at this point you are probably wondering just what I am talking about. Fried Rice. It is a small restaurant that you would not really notice unless you were looking. Despite popular belief, rice is not all they sell at Fried Rice. Of course, rice is what they sell the most of, but at only $7.99, you can also purchase a variety of noodles and entrees. Now, to some people, $7-8 may seem like a lot, but hear me out. At Fried Rice, you get these huge portions. Ask anyone who has been there; if you order a plate of fried rice, you could easily eat off it for two or three days. Personally, I never take longer than two days to finish mine. But at such a decent price, this rice is out of this world. Very rarely do I hear bad reviews on the place. So again, go down to Midland Boulevard and give them a try. Write your own review of the place if you want. Just do not miss out on the greatness that is Fried Rice.