Love for a Castle


Katie Fisher, Student Contributor

I saw her as a castle

Not just because her mind was like a moat

Keeping the enemies out 

Or because her words and mouth were like a drawbridge

Watching what came in and out

 But because once you got past the drawbridge of words everyone wanted to hear

You would reach a curtain

Which was strong enough to withstand the worst

And her countenance was like towers

Always defensive in a protective way

To protect her delicate self

But still ever so beautiful and breathtaking

Like a castle should be

Her heart was a keep

Part was a dungeon

Hiding her worst flaws

Except for one day

She decided to close the drawbridge and lock the dungeon

Her arms and shoulders were now pillars

Holding up the entire world

Suddenly her walls grew tiresome

And her eyes did not shine the same way

I looked at her

And told her

She did not have to be a catapult

Knocking down anything that could ever be a threat

And she did not have to be a bastion

Constantly defensive and have a fake face

She could let the curtain fall and show her true colors

And the world would still turn just the same

The color returned to her eyes

And her heart danced like a courtyard with hundreds of people

Her arms fell to her sides with a sigh of relief

Yes she was a castle

A sign of comfort and safety