Seussical the Musical Takes Top Spot


Rachel Banks, Aracely Morales, Emily Coder, Staff Writers


I did not know what to expect coming into Seussical. I was excited to see what they did with it, and I can not say I am disappointed. The show was not super childish, and it was just all-around entertaining. Everyone did a great job portraying their characters, and there was just so much life in the performance. In our research for this story, we got to talk with and visit some of the people on stage, behind scenes, and even in the pit and sound box. Without fail, they all said that they had a lot of fun being part of the production. I would have definitely gone to see it again had I been able to. So, good job to the actors and all who were involved in the performance. You all did awesomely. Don’t change. Two thumbs up.


I really enjoyed Seussical. It was entertaining and very different from what I had expected. Seussical is definitely a play I would take one of my younger siblings to see. The actors are naturals, and they looked like they really enjoy what they were doing. The music played by the pit sounded magnificent. Mr.Whitworth’s hat was a nice touch. The props and costumes made the stage come alive with all the vibrant colors. Seussical the Musical was, by far, in my opinion, the best play performed by the students of Alma High School.


In my opinion, the Seussical musical was unique. The performance, costumes and the props were phenomenal. While I was watching the musical, I was not even thinking about the cast being characters; it felt like I was in the musical. I was entertained the entire time I was in the PAC. I am not too fond of musicals, but this is a musical I would enjoy to watch again. The overall performance was flawless. The crew did an amazing job, and their hard work and dedication was visibly noticeable. Great job guys.