Cyberpatriot Team Learns Secret Codes


NJROTC PAO Department, Student Contributors

High school students are learning secret codes to help make sure you do not get hacked. Foreign language classes in high school usually cover Spanish, French or German, but a team of students is learning special computer codes that could help stop violent terrorists.

“The attackers are getting better every day. They’re getting smarter,” said Cyberpatriot Team Captain Joshua Baker.

The team is learning how to stop hackers as part of a nationwide high school competition to defend against a series of mock cyberattacks.

“You’re actually getting attacked by red team attackers from Facebook, NSA and others,” Baker said. “These companies want to raise up young people to be the next wave of cyber defense,” he said. 

The students and their coach and Naval Science Instructor Jonathon Baker said a good piece of advice for the public is to keep rotating passwords.

“Just changing your password length and history of your password,” he said.

They also recommend a good antivirus software and never upload a Social Security number online.

“If you would protect your personal belongings with some type of insurance, you might want to do something to protect your digital belongings, as well,” Baker said.

Instructor Baker is excited by the motivation he has seen in the cadets in the first round of competition held November 14 for Cyberpatriot VIII. The teams consists of Cadets Christian Armstrong, Levi Kizzar, Muguel Recio and Joshua Baker. They received a score of 129 out of 200. Round II is scheduled to be held December 4-6.