Families Together at School

Is it Good or Bad?


“I couldn’t wait for my daughter to get to high school. I think it is convenient, and I enjoy seeing her.”

Aracely Morales, Staff Writer

“I enjoy having my daughter at the high school. I like not having to drive to another school to drop her off in the morning, and it makes it easier to talk to her teachers,” said Stephanie Hall.

This is the feeling most parents have when they think of their own child at the high school. They can get more involved in their child’s life. They feel like that can keep track and steer them in the right direction. But most importantly, they say it is convenient.

“It makes it very convenient to have her at the same school as far as getting her to school before she could drive. It also made it easier for extracurricular activities,” said Shilo Blackwell.

The students here feel the same way. They enjoy having their parents here with them, and they would not change anything.

“It’s cool because I have her home, and I could ask a question about the assignments,” said Freshman Kinsley Hall.

The students also enjoy the perks of having a parent teach here at the high school.

“I don’t have to worry about having stuff like money. She has food for me, and she also helps me with my homework,” said Junior Tatum Willhite.

“She can sign me up for something, and it helps to have somebody,” said Senior Bailey Tyler.

What the students do not like is the fact that their parents know way too much. And the teachers sure like to take advantage of that.

“My mom told my class how I always say ‘for real’, and now everyone says ‘for real, Kinsley’,” said Kinsley.

Just like Mr. Valentine says, “Everyday is a great day at Alma High School.” But everyday is a better day with the love of your parent.