To Drive or Not to Drive

That is the Question


Rachel Banks, Staff Writer

Every fear we have is generated from something that has happened in our past. If you fell off the bed when you were little, you may grow up to be afraid of heights. Whether you remember or not, something has triggered these strong feelings in you. So, is this maybe a reason that less and less people are willing to get their driver’s license now?

I could not drive for a long time after I turned 16 due to a knee injury I’d acquired through marching band. The doctors told my parents that I should not be in the car by myself until my knee had healed properly. Sure enough, my knee would lock up when I was driving, causing us to speed up or slow down drastically. My mom or dad was with me every time, but it was such a scary feeling that, even after I was better, I was scared to get behind the wheel.

In a recent poll of 100 people, 4% said they would rather get to school by “bike or foot,” 11% said they would rather ride with someone else, 23% gave “other” reasons, 28% claimed to be “too busy” and 34% agreed that the main excuse they would give for not getting their license would be “too scared.”

“One morning I was driving to school, and a truck that was approaching oncoming traffic was driving in the middle of the road, so I swerved to avoid collision, and I crashed into a mailbox. It destroyed my front passenger side of my car,” said Junior Wesley Dutton.

Scary events can happen and will happen sometimes. Even the best of drivers has bad days. But you can not let that keep you from driving.

“You don’t drown by falling in the water,” said founder of the Christian Men’s Network, Edwin Louis Cole, “You drown by staying there.”

Driving is scary, but you will almost definitely be faced with it at some point or another. When it comes down to advice on the topic, the answers were pretty similar all around.

“You should get it. It’s better to have it and not use it than to need it and not have it,” said Senior Shawn Villines. “Just having it will make you feel accomplished inside; you know that you did something for yourself by yourself, and that is truly one of the best feelings.”

“Go ahead and get it over with because it will help everyone out in the long-run,” said Senior Brandon Garrett who does not have a license.

“If they get it, they will have plenty of time to practice,” said Freshman Barrett Glass.

Driving is not as bad as it seems, and in the long-run, it makes everything a lot easier on everyone. So do not let fear take the wheel.