Moi Amour


Chae Denton, Student Contributor

Moi amour,

Oh, how it flows off the tongue.

Moi amour,

Don’t you know you are my one?

Morning, evening, afternoon and rising sun.

You outshine the daylight

You are my diamond in the rough.

Moi amour,

You try but you cannot see what I see.

Moi amour,

Your light shines through the darkest of the nights,

You are more beautiful than diamonds.

You are a shooting star flying high.

Moi amour, Moi amour

Je t’aime, moi amour.

Stay here with me, is all I ask of thee,

You are my rock, my strength, everything I need

Moi amour,

Our times are hard, but together we will make it through.

There isn’t anything we can’t do as long as I’m side by side with you.

Moi amour.