Robotics is in the Spotlight


Rachel Banks, Staff Writer

“Your talent makes you who you are! You should be proud of it!” – Tinker Bell

There is a talented group who walks the halls of school who few people even know about. They have been a competitive team up until this year, going to competitions all the way in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Now, stepping into the light is the robotics team.

As football season ends, basketball season is coming fast. This not only applies to sports nuts but also to the robotics team. The theme for this year’s competition is shooting balls into a hoop. It is up to the team to build their robot and program it to meet this criteria.

“You have a researcher, and they look up online what works,” said Junior Aaron Townsend.

For this robotics team, Senior Caleb Fritz is that researcher. The brain behind the robots. Having taught himself how to program, he is obviously the man for the job. The other members build the robot, but Fritz makes it work.

“It’s like learning another language,” said Fritz. “Once you learn it, you can apply it anywhere.”

Out of 55-60 people in the class, only a set amount of people get to attend each competition. Sponsor Jeana Parker said that all of the students are on the team, but not everyone can go to every competition.

“Everyone is on a team and contributes. Some more than others, but everyone is involved,” said Senior Cole Balkman.