NJROTC has Academic Strength, Too


Aracely Morales, Staff Writer

They are known to wear their uniforms every Wednesday. They are loud, strong and self-disciplined. They are NJROTC. A family of friends working together to achieve great goals in all their year- round competitions. From rifles to color guard to marching to academics, NJROTC has it all. What? Academics? Well, for those who had their mouths open, yes, the NJROTC has an academics team.

The academic team consists of about 20 NJROTC members. Fifteen of these members go and compete at various locations. From our home city to Hot Springs to Louisiana to Missouri, the academic team is there. There is no buzzer, but there are 100 questions to be answered in a short amount of time. There is certainly no time for errors and/or second guessing. The team meets every Tuesday for practice, along with other activities that they are involved in.

“Usually, we’re the first ones on campus and the last to leave,” said NJROTC Instructor Jonathon Baker.

Think you can make the academic team? Well, my friends, join NJROTC and find out. There are no grade requirements, and you could earn a little extra cash in the future. What? Cash? Yes. You could earn a few scholarships by being on the academic team. How well does the academic team work? Junior Sara Davis said,“Together.”