Sellers Saves the Day


Cindy Downhour, Adviser

The show must go on, even when the lights go out…literally.

On Wednesday, October 28, the day before opening night, White County Central High School in Judsonia experienced a power surge that left their auditorium without lights and sound. They were to perform “Halloween Screams” that Friday night, and this left Theatre Program Director Marisa Arnold in quite a bind.

She posted pleas on Facebook to try and recruit help for this dire situation. The PAC’s Technical Director, Steven Sellers, noticed the call for help and immediately went into action. He recruited Van Buren’s Technical Director D.J. McRoberts and Russellville’s Technical Director Daniel Stahl to assist. Sellers gathered up his own equipment from the school and headed out with the other two at 7 a.m. that Thursday to begin work. They arrived by 10:30 and started hanging lights and changing lamps. Sellers said, “This allowed her (Arnold) to ease her mind.”

The students were able to perform that night, and Corrine Lowery, cast member said,” Last show last night, and in hindsight, I really don’t even know how it would’ve happened without the lighting help.”