Transportation Department Serves as Good Samaritan


Cindy Downhour, Adviser

The transportation department does not just service Alma’s students but offers assistance to other schools, as well.

This proved to be true on September 30 when a bus from St. Vincent De Paul in Rogers, hauling 31 fifth grade students on a field trip, started emitting smoke.

Michael Gibson, Director of Transportation, happened to be traveling on I-40 at that time and noticed the bus in trouble. He identified himself to Steve Perry, parent of one of the children and arranged to have one of his mechanics, Lewis Anderson, pick up the bus to take back to the garage.

In the meantime, it was nearing lunch, so Phyllis Oberman, Gibson’s assistant volunteered to get food and bring it back for Perry and his driver.

Subiaco Academy helped with the situation, as they sent one of their own buses to transport the students to their school for the field trip.

The day was saved when the bus garage figured out and fixed what was wrong.

Perry said, “This was the longest trip we had taken to this point, and without the help of Michael and his team, there is no telling how yesterday would have turned out.”