You are my Sunshine


Rachel Banks, Staff Writer

You are my sunshine

You brighten my day

You make me smile

Like everything is okay


My only sunshine

You bring me joy

Don’t play with my heart, please

It isn’t a toy


You make me happy

You make my heart fly

When you speak,

My head’s in the sky


When skies are grey

You bring brightness around

When I hear your voice

There’s no better sound


You’ll never know, dear,

What you mean to me

I just want to live up to

What you want to see


How much I love you

Can’t be described through mere writing

Whenever we touch

My skin tingles like lightning


Please don’t take my sunshine away

I know life is fun

But I feel like our story

Isn’t quite done


You are my sunshine

I love you so

I love you too much

To give up and let go