Pep Band Provides Pizzazz


Aracely Morales, Staff Writer

If you have ever been at 9th grade football games, you have for sure heard them. They are the life of the party. The band geeks. They are the Alma Pep-Band.  

“I like to play my horn a lot, and it’s really fun to do in my spare time,” said Senior Jacob Chapman-Hesson.

“I volunteer every pep band because it is enjoyable and stress free. Don’t worry and just have fun. Plus, I get to play my clarinet instead of conducting,” said Senior Kandy Robbins.

“I volunteer to go to pep-band games because I like playing my instrument and hanging out with my friends,” said Sophomore Morgan Farrar.

Every Thursday that the 9th grade football team is playing home, the pep-band never fails to show up. The pep-band is made up of all volunteers. That’s right. Volunteers. Unlike pep-rallies, Friday night football games or Saturday competitions where the band has no option, pep-band is a stress-free and fun environment in which some band kids like to take advantage of.

“We play music, goof around and support the team,” said Junior Timothy Clifton.

“At pep-band games, we play music, talk and just joke around,” said Sophomore Taylor Cruse.

“At pep-band games, we perform music that brings more confidence into the players, cheer and the audience. We make it fun for everyone as it makes it fun for us to enjoy having a fun time and playing fun music, as well,” said Junior Chase Middleton.

After the pep-band has finished playing a couple of songs for halftime, they are provided with free drinks. Who provides the coolers for the band? Who provides the drinks? Who are the band sponsors? Well, according to Sandy Coulter, the new head band mom, the band has a lot of sponsors, such as Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola and United Credit Union.