Thank You, Band Boosters


Rachel Banks, Staff Writer

Nananananananana Band Boosters.

“They’re like the Alfred to our Batman,” said senior, Band President Brandon Garrett.

They are the behind the scenes who make sure the band is fed and ready to go. They keep the uniforms looking sharp, and they give up hours of their time to support their children at competitions or even Monday night rehearsals. When push comes to shove, the band needs them.

With the new head band mom this year, Sandy Coulter, the group is working harder than ever. Coulter has been a booster for three years now. She is a stay-at-home mom with two children, one of which is one of our drum majors. Coulter said what she gets from the job is this: “The biggest perk is probably getting to hang out with y’all and getting to know y’all.”

Aside from taking care of us all the time, the band boosters also run the concession stand during basketball season. They work together to raise proceeds for the band through this and local businesses. Without the band boosters, the Pride of Alma could not be as successful as they are today.

But being a band parent is not all sunshine and roses.

“It’s stressful because we have to go to Sam’s, buy the stuff to make food for them, and then make it ourselves to feed them. After we’ve served everyone, we stay and clean up, too,” said Coulter.

This, along with the occasional disrespectful student, can make life a little difficult. But they do not stop what they are doing because the job gets harder. They rise to the challenge and help lift the band closer to victory.